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Kia ora!

I started these pages when I was working with Northland Guides, in Wellington, but I have married, moved and had children since then. So now...

I am a guide leader in Pencarrow, another guiding region in the greater Wellington area, I have left much of the programme information from Northland Guides on site as, with two kids at school and a pre-schooler, I don't find time to update things as much as I'd like to. The older information left on here should give you an idea of the range of activities we get up to when guiding in NZ, although there has been a programme change since I worked with Northland Guides. The current programme is briefly outlined on the section information page, in the Guiding in New Zealand set of pages.
I am currently (Feb 2007) working my way through the pages correcting / updating information after a gap of about 5years when I couldn't access it at all.

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We also love to hear from people who use the information on our site for activities in their units.

Anne's Guiding pages

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