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Matthew Redmond

Eat Right For Your Type New

These are "food lists" that were created by Dr. D'Adamo ( and appeared in his book, "Eat Right 4 Your Type." Apparently each Blood group (O, A, B, AB) each process foods differently, which results to some foods being "good," and others "not so good."
Food list for Blood Group O
Food list for Blood Group A
Food list for Blood Group B
Food list for Blood Group AB

Matthew's Thoughts on Food

Why do we have to eat?

There are many scientific reasons why creatures have to eat. I personally enjoy a good meal, unfortunately I eat the types of food which scientists warn are bad for us and that the food companies entice us with on the television, radio and in the newspapers. But if you have looked around this site you will see that I don't really care too much about "normal" science, so with that in mind why do we have to eat?

In my humble opinion everything on Earth (including the Earth) is made up of combinations of frequencies of aether units. (Note: It is also my opinion that at one stage in this planets history that the consentration of aether was at a greater level, but that is for another chapter). As humans we are constantly being supplied by this energy day in and day out, keeping our bodies refreshed and maintained. However, either through design, possibly depletion of this energy, and/or lost abilities, the aether units themselves are not enough to keep our bodies working at 100%. Say for instance I take a couple of rough (and most probably wrong) figures and say that the aether units supply us with 80% of our daily requirements to exist, that would still mean that we are 20% off being totally sustained. How do we solve this problem? I believe that this is why we eat.

Next question: Why do we eat what we eat?

The two main groups that we can group the food we eat into are plant based and animal based. Both of these are (apparently) needed to sustain a healthy body. Lets start with animals. Animals are closer related to us than plants are so therefore attract "similar" frequencies of aether that we do. When an animal dies the body starts to decay, this is because there is no longer a need to replenish the animal when it is dead. What is left over, however, is a huge storehouse of concentrated aether units slowly breaking down. If another animal were to consume this concentrated form of energy it would be "replenished" faster than most other means, that and most of the important "ingredients" are all together. Plants can sustain us just as well as animal based foods can, only the frequencies required are spread over a greater variety of fruit, vegitables, nuts etc.

Other Methods of Sustaining our Bodies

If you have read the science sections of this site, you will see that I call pyramids "frequency amplifiers," that is any object placed inside the pyramid will cause it to draw in a higher consentration of the same types of aether units that the object resonates at. If this is the case then we can make the next assumption, which is that if you, or other entities (plant , animal) are placed inside a pyramid for a period of time, then the pyramid will start to attract energies of the same frequency as the entity. This means that the entity will not have to sustain itself with as much of the "consentrated" aether frequencies (plant, animal) as it normally would. There have been stories of animals like cats and dogs, natural carnivours, spending great lengths of time inside a pyramid, then after a period of time starting to prefer vegitation to meat.