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Matthew Redmond

Here are some more theories and ideas

How is information "transmitted" in the aether?

Assumption 1: Each aether unit resonates at its own particular frequency
Assumption 2: The spectrum of frequencies in the aether is rather large (to accommodate for all known frequencies that all energies in the Universe vibrate may be less if harmonics are included into the equation...even so the range is still rather large)

In my opinion, if one aether unit of a particular frequency is caused to resonate "louder" than normal, other units of a similar frequency in the local area will be effected causing them to also resonate "louder" than normal, but not quite as loud as the original. The effected aether units do not have to be "exactly" the same frequency, I believe they follow the rule of "rough enough is close enough". To be more precise, the units that resonate closer to the originals frequency will resonate the "loudest". The further away, both positive and negative, of the original frequency you go the resonating influence will lesson to a point where it becomes negligible.

The following graph should explain what I mean:


As the graph shows, the influence becomes less the greater the frequency deviates from the original.

An En-lightening Sound Question

Aether units emit sound and light and other frequencies. If this really is the case then is the light they give off related in any way to the sound emitted? Is the light of the aether unit a harmonic of its sound? Also another thing to think about is "do we see objects because light is being reflected off them, or is the light hitting the object exciting it to emit its own light (and possibly sound and other energies as well)?

UPDATED 2nd March 1999

These are posts I've made to the Keelynet Discussion List. To save me time I'm just pasting these in from my sent-items folder.

Energy From A Vacuum


Probably already known but here is my "new" view on attaining energy from a vacuum.

First question is "how and why do you get more energy out of a vacuum?" I mean if you think about it the only thing that a vacuum is, is and area of little to no air. That is all. This means that the only things passing through it will be things like magnetic fields etc.

So why does this absence of air help? If we consider that all things have their own "frequencies," then it would be safe to assume that air would be resonating at a whole heap of different frequencies. If we also assume that there are certain frequencies that the aether resonates at, then all these different "things" are going to be interfering with each other creating a "beat" pattern. So it would seem logical to evacuate, say a tube, of its air to reduce this "beat" pattern. Now what?

What do you do now if you want to "tap" into this now cleaned wave. If you are looking for electrical tapping then you can add a gas (or whatever you do) to create a plasma tube. The reason it does not matter to add this gas is that you can alter the frequency of the plasma by attaching a frequency generator to tune it to one of the frequencies that the aether resonates at.

If you get it matched correctly then when both "waves" are resonating together, the outcome will be higher amplitude. This means that the plasma Will be outputting more energy than what it originally was supplied with.

Almost too easy.


Earth Quake Weather:

With things being very quite over the last few weeks, I decided to try and come up with something to spur on some conversation. The best I could do was "earthquake weather."

I'm not too sure how many people reading this have experienced earthquakes (I'm pleased to say that I have experienced a few...I think their rather fun) but there seems to be a certain type of weather that comes "before" the earthquake hits. Some of the conditions are as follows...

Slightly muggy; very still (no wind); and often quiet, almost like the Earth had stopped spinning. The word that best sums it up is "eary." I would say from experience that there is also a weird warmth as well...It's just 'odd.'

On a side note, there is a woman up in the North Island of New Zealand who is rather well known in her district because she can "smell" what the weather is going to do with very high accuracy. All she does is stick her head outside and take a big sniff. From that she knows what the weather is going to do over the next few days. She even said that she can "smell" an earthquake days before it was going to hit.


Earth Quake Weather Part II

Just to add to the last message, I think the woman I was talking about also said that there was a different type of cloud formation in the sky before an earthquake...possible by a couple of days beforehand (not too sure, news story was a few years ago). Anyway, it could be something to look into.


UPDATED 3rd March 1999

Concerning Earth Quakes and the weather, I was wondering what would be the results of looking into what the weather patterns were like before, during, after and between Earth Quakes. Would there be any specific patterns associated with them?