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Some of these topics are very briefly discussed. I will at some stage or another make them more precise, but there is enough here to hopefully let you understand where I am coming from. If there is anything you are still unsure about please get in touch, but be warned...I may not know the answer!
Please, if you also have any information which you believe is along the same lines as this then please get in touch!

What is the Aether?

The aether (or "ether" as some write it) is a funny thing. I am not entirely sure "what" it is, but I believe it has the following characteristics: it is attracted to itself; water; ferro-magnetic metals; and certain frequencies. When it travels to "Earth" it travels in a "spiral" motion. This direction of the spiral depends on which hemisphere you exist in. It can also be "Stored" in dielectric materials.

What is an Aether Unit?

An Aether Unit is exactly that...a "unit" of aether. These units all "resonate" at certain frequencies. The frequency that they resonate at is determined by their shape and size. I am not sure what energies they emit, but I am sure one of them we register as "sound". Many units make up the "sea" of aether.

What is the relationship between the Aether and Orgone?

Again, this is something that I am unsure of. Orgone, the stuff that researcher Wilhelm Reich "discovered" in the early part of this century (Check links page) does bare striking similarities to the aether, so much so that in my mind there is no doubt to their connection. The big question however is to do with "how" they are connected. Are the terms Aether and Orgone interchangeable, or is Orgone a smaller part of the bigger picture.

What is the relation ship between the Aether, and Magnetism?

The aether is attracted and repelled by ferro-magnetic metals (iron & steel to name a few). This attraction and repulsion usually occurs in random directions in "un-magnitised" ferro-magnetic metals. When a piece of metal is "magnetised", it means that instead of attracting and repulsing aether units in random directions, they are now arranged to be attracted and repulsed in one direction only (in the case of a "perfect" magnet).
Some scientists have also stated that the aether does not actually travel through the magnet, but travels in a spiral "around" the magnet. The direction of rotation possibly changes due to which hemisphere you currently exist in.
As a final note, I have heard that there is some question as to how "well" a magnet works in space...if at all.

What about The Aether and the World Grid System?

The world is like a big magnet. In the last question I said that some scientist said that the aether travels around the outside of a magnet in a spiral like pattern. Well, in the field of orgonomy, people studying the subject say that the "orgone waves" travel from west to east (or is that east to west?) around the planet. Could this be due to the magnetic like nature of Earth and the "orgone" spiralling from one pole to the other?
Even Bruce Cathie of Harmonic Theory fame has suggested that the magnetic field does not only travel from north to south, but also around the planet as well.

What about Pyramids?

Before I start on this field here is a quote from the book "Using Pyramid Power" By James Wyckoff, Page 41.
"The British inventor, Sir W. Siemens, has reported that one day while he was standing on the summit of the Great Pyramid an Arab guide pointed out that whenever he raised he hand with his fingers outspread a sharp ringing noise could be heard.
"When Siemens held up just his index finger he experienced a distinct prickling sensation in it. And when he tried to take a drink from a bottle of wine he brought with him, he noticed a slight "electric shock".
"Siemens then moistened a newspaper and wrapped it around the bottle, converting it into a Leyden jar. The "jar" became increasingly charged with electricity just by being held over his head.
"Sparks began to come from the wine bottle and the Arab guides accused Siemens of witchcraft. One of the Arabs apparently became frightened or angry or both, and tried to grab Siemens' companion, but the Englishman lowered the bottle toward him and the guide received such a powerful jolt that he was knocked senseless. He recovered and, getting quickly to his feet, ran down the Pyramid, crying loudly".

With the aether flows travelling around the Earth in the set patterns mentioned in the previous question, something should click with some people...
A lot of ancient structures all seem to be specifically aligned to north/south and/or east/west. Most researchers say that this is because of the specific peoples wanting to line them up to mark the solstices. This may be turn out to be correct, especially in the newer structures made by those trying to recreate the structures left by older civilisations. But in my own opinion there has to be something more, especially after reading passages like the one above.
To get to the point, pyramids seem to be "aerials" for the aether. This is possibly due to their shape, dimensions, orientation, etc. In the case of the Great Pyramid I believe all of the possibilities to be the case.

Would you just explain how Pyramids attract the aether?

Note:This is an "incomplete theory", some parts maybe right, others plain wrong...oh well.

As the river of aether drifts over the top of a pyramid, it "rubs" (?) against the sides of the pyramid, causing it to resonate at a frequency (or possibly multiple frequencies). I guess that the frequency/frequencies produced are those that the aether is attracted to. Anyway, an aether "whirlpool" begins to form above the pyramid as some aether starts to get "sucked in" to what seems to be an attractive pyramid beneath it. (One must remember that the aether is also attracted to itself, so you get units of aether that although may not be attracted to the pyramid, but are following other units that are!)
In some respects just like water. If you remove the plug out of a bath full of water, the water will fall into to hole and a spiral will form and grow in diameter as more and more water rushes in. This is pretty much the same for the pyramid.
As it enters the pyramid the aether is radiated or maybe pushed to the "kings chamber" position, or around 1/3 from the bottom of the pyramid. And after a while a point will come where the pyramid cannot hold any more energy. When this happens it "pushes" the extra aether to points where there is the least energy which I believe is at the points, and the apex. (It maybe that the "kings chamber" position falls into this section, but until I hear, or perform some research this part will stay as is)
The aether is however still flowing in, being attracted not only to the resonating pyramid, but the large supply of aether that is in and around the pyramid. It is at this stage that the pyramid has to literally "blow its top" and lose some aether. But where does it go to?
As I said before, the aether is acting like water going down a plug hole. In the aether scenario the centre of this spiral appears to contain fewer aether units. Now normally the aether goes in a downward direction towards the earth, upwards requires some effort, but when push comes to shove the aether does just that. A steady jet of aether starts streaming right up the center of the spiral, and seeing there is always a constant flow of aether into the pyramid, the jet keeps going. The pyramid now has reached a constant aether level...

(Wonder if there is any resemblance to a black hole? eh?)

What is an Orgone Accumulator?

Attracts and stores "Orgone", the stuff which was partially explained in an above question.

The Physical World

Hypothetical situation: Each "thing" is made up of a combination of frequencies, or a chord. This is so because each "thing" is actually "fed" by aether units that resonate at the exact same frequencies. I believe that each "thing" is constantly being sustained in the physical world by these units, everything is made up from these units...a universe of resonating frequencies! Each combination of frequencies gives us different effects. Don't bother to ask how this works..I ain't got a clue!
Lets take it one step further shall we? Lets shall!
Take an environment like the vacuum of space. In this environment aether is not really attracted to any thing like a star or planet. So here you should have an equal amount of all types; sized; shaped aether units, an equal number of all different resonating frequencies. Now on here on earth that wouldn't be so, there will be areas of higher concentration of one sort, and another area with higher concentration of another sort. This is because "things" are becoming physical by using only "some" of the frequencies.
Before I go on here is something that most of us already know. White light is made up of all the different colours of the spectrum mixed together evenly to form pure white light. Too much concentration of some colours, and a lack of others gives us the appearance of different colours of light.
I may be going out on a limb here...but I don't care...Seeing different combinations of aether frequencies gives different physical effects, what would happen if we have an even amount of all frequencies on the aether spectrum? Would it be similar to the white light situation? If so what would be the result...a vacuum, such as that , that exists in deep space?
Also is there a maximum limit imposed on the number of aether units that can occupy a certain region of space? Are there natural maximum and minimum limits imposed?
One last "things" have their certain physical properties because they are sustained by certain types of frequencies, or because of a lack of others?

Are you going to get to the "point"

If each "point" of the Universe had its own individual frequency (or frequencies), and each point of each interstellar object (and people, rocks, etc) had its own frequency/frequencies (Bruce Cathie's Harmonic Theory???).
Now before you say "isn't this old ground", which it kind of is, let me define "point". Say you live in Christchurch, New Zealand. On your driveway you find a blade of grass pushing through a crack in the concrete. I will now define that point: "point A". You turn to your left and see a weed growing in the middle of your lawn...that I will call "point B". That relatively useless exercise demonstrates to some degree or another the meaning of "point", except that instead of defining the points as annoying plants, they are defined by very slight changes in frequency. What those frequencies are I don't know as yet but I do plan to find out one day!
But we then come across an interesting concept. If you had a piece of radio equipment and could tune into these different points, you could define from what point of reference you wish to take the reading from. I will explain. Say that you had an insect sitting on a plant, it is at "A" frequency/frequencies on the plant. It is also at "X" frequency/frequencies relative to the earth. This is a simple example (and possibly wrong) showing what I mean by reference.
This leads to some interesting thoughts. If there is a point say in London with certain frequency/frequencies which you knew, and you set up a radio to tune into that point, your radio would be receiving all frequencies that exist at that point. And if you think a little deeper, the point in London and certain parts of the radio equipment exist at the same some respects you are "teleporting" the information to your radio.
You are probably saying "this guy has flipped", maybe, but there is an interesting story about T.H.Moray and a certain radio that he made earlier this century. The device seemed to be able to tune into "sound" waves from any point on the planet, apparently even listening to Amundsen when he reached the south pole! It maybe possible, it may not..but as with all most things you shouldn't say "it can't be done" without actually trying it first.

Could that be at least some reason for some people having "psychic" abilities?

Possibly. People could "tune" into different environments. Might even explain "Remote Viewing" to some degree.

But what about Time?

Interesting question. Some possibilities are that time is actually a constant frequency shift in the universe, or another "influential" factor which I don't as yet know. If it is a frequency shift, then the "old information" could still exist and could be "viewed" like a video tape. Just create a device that can tune into that old information and you could collect the information that occurred at that time and space. "But", you may ask, "If you can look backwards, can you also look forwards?"...well I say, "Why not?!"

"I say what I like, and I like what I bloody well say!" Harry Enfield