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RedWorks From the "Mars Global Surveyer" Image Archive

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UPDATE 16 July 2000
Page 3 updated with new image from Hellas

UPDATE 12 July 2000
I've put a new page up looking at two other regions on Mars: Aeolis and Iapygia. I'm still only finding rutts, which could possibly be pipes. However, these are not boring and there are some beautiful examples all over the surface of Mars. At this moment there are only links to the images I have found facinating from these parts, however I will be putting some pictures of the things I have found on here eventually. There is one exception, a picture taken from an Iapygia Narrow-beam image. It shows what might be a frozen water pools around "pipes." Did something break down here, or am I only dreaming. Ah well, dreaming is fun. Check it out anyway.
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Hallas Region» Dao Vallis Aqua Station

Owaingaro (O-Why-Nah-Ro)
The place of hidden water
Owaitapu (O-Why-Ta-poo)
The place of sacred water
Owaikopipi (O-Why-ko-pee-pee)
The place of timid water

I would love to get a maori place name on the surface of Mars - if you can think of a name, drop me an e-mail. Or if you can help modify or confirm the above translations, that would be brilliant as well.

UPDATED: 26 June 2000

There seems to be an increadable amount of stuff around here. Looking at the wide-angle images, Dao Vallis seems to have a lot of little "boulders" in it, which could be just as interesting as this small selection, if not more so. Unfortunately the other narrow beam strips don't "appear" to have anything interesting in them. However, there are other places near by which could also warrent looking into. There are a few more things in this strip which I need to investigate further.
I'll keep you posted.

I've just been checking over the narrow beam images by the "Hellas Thing" (for lack of a more descriptive name) and have found some interesting stuff.
Here is the link to the narrow beam image in question: Buttes on floor of N Dao Vallis
and here is a sample of what was there.

I appologise for these being jpg's...I don't have infinite space here.
Hold your mouse pointer over the image to view the message pop up. I'll have to do some more writing.
Blobs on Rock - Another parked space ship? A closer look at those Blobs
Here are some interesting "blobs." I call them blobs because Jpegs are a lovely things for showing detail. The close up view does still make one think. The top blob is very bright, probably meaning quite reflective. There are also two angled "fins" on the top of it. The original Raw image needs to be analised further by people with better imaging software...hint hint.
Symbol from a distance
Things keep showing up. This is from the same narrow strip, but with brightness and contrast turned up a little. Very fainltly on the side of the "hill" is what appears to be a symbol. It has symmetry (the left side mirrors the right). In the bottom image we have zoomed in slightly to point it out a bit better. What does it mean? A close up view of the symbol BAD SKETCH

'Pipes' crossing, or merging?

Some 'Pipes' with dirt on top

Some more Ruts


Not Sure

More: Not Sure

Rutts, and is that a cat face?
This is a very intersting picture, as it seems to reveal what looks like the head of a cat at the end of a raised channel. This, if not a trick of light and shadow, is an excellent look into the minds of those who built it. If this area is an important water station of some description, then this cat could be either receiving or perhaps giving water to the land.
Could this be another cat face?

There is more there too.

End of Update

Hi there folks. Some of you will have heard about the new "27,500 MGS images" that were dumped on the net on May 22nd of this year (2000).
For more information, see Enterprise Mission
Anyway, two days after this release of data on the net, I found this little beauty in the Hellas region-
(the wide and narrow image index :
South-facing wall of the north branch of Dao Vallis)
Look at the image in the top right hand corner. This cool thing which looks like a piece of modern art with pom-poms at the end of each leg is rather cool. Unfortunately this is only the wide angle image. In all three links I will provide here to this object, none of the narrow strip images touch it, although two come infuriatingly close.

Even though there are no detailed strip images here, I decided to look for the same "thing" but from different angles.
The other two images I found a short while later were these:
Bright Lights:
(the wide and narrow image index :
Buttes on floor of N Dao Vallis And this wonderful narrow beam image starts "JUST" to the side of the thing.)
And in the darkness:
(the wide and narrow image index :
South-facing wall of north branch of Dao Vallis and you can see on the wide angle image becide it that the narrow beam strip stops "JUST" in front of the thing.)

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