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New Links
Australian Archaeological Anomalies Research SatcoDx.
Looking for a's a good place to start.
Extraterrestrial Physics Review Earth Changes Report
WOW! It's Science
Ain't It Cool News
Movies, Entertainment industry news.
Harry's Cool News section
Alternative Science Research
KeelyNet Ray Tomes' Cycles in the Universe
Enterprise Mission Reverse Speech
Leading Edge International Research Group Science Hobbyist : Bill Beaty
Institute of New Energy American Computer Company: Roswell Page
Cold fusion Elektromagnum
Antigravity Experiment Overunity and Antigravity Links
In Search Of Digital Fusion
Nexus Magazine Nexus Magazine (NZ)
Viktor Schauberger Fringe Science Site
Robert Stirniman's Electrogravitics Reference List Information Unlimited
Tesla Coils The Tornado Challenge
The Electromagnetic Bomb Electrostatic Machines
Bruce Depalma: Primodial Energy Site (NZ) Bruce A. Perreault: NuEnergy
Orgone Research
PORE Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Alternative Radio
Art Bell Sightings on the Radio
The Laura Lee Show
Other Sites of Interest
Altered States (NZ) Alternative Items for Sale The SPYder Web
Royal New Zealand Astronomical Society Canterbury Astronomical Society
Astronomical Links Nasa
The March for Peaceful Energy IBM Patent Server
FBI Headquarters Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Site SouthPark Archives
Media Builder (Fonts;Backgrounds etc)
New Age???
Earth Changes The Epsilon Pyramid