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Update: 24th June 2000

I haven't put anything new up here in a while. I've uploaded a new page which shows you three wide angle images of a "thing" I found in the new "27,000 images" which were dumped from the MGS on the 22nd of MAY (21st New Zealand).
Check it out Mars:RedWorks

Update: 29th January 2000

Greetings one and all!

Well look at this, it's been nearly one month into the year 2000 and I have finally added an update. Lets see if I can add something for all you people to think about.

As of yet I have no working device - perhaps that can be explained by the fact that I haven't been working on anything :). As to ideas about how things work, well I may as well add some thoughts here with the possibility of updating the science 2 section with it in there.
My current line of thinking has been in the area of sound resonance chambres and combining it with an orgone accumulator to form a "link" between two points in space. How does this work? Well I am not overly sure, I'm just following my gut. Basically you design a super charged orgone accumulator and form it into a resonance chambre. Roll it into a cylinder or somehow form a sphere - do what you like. You need two of these devices; one for each end (like a telephone system). Next find a way to resonate the air chambre at it's peak resonance. Once the note (Or use a chord of sounds) has been determined you must then make sure the other device also resonates at the same frequency(s). Next comes the moment of truth - sending a message. This could be through talking into the device thereby interferring with the resonance of the chambre, or by adding an electromagnetic signal.

Now you may be thinking "wait up there me-laddie, how does the other one receive the information and convert it so that people can hear it." Well I was thinking that too because I missed a step (sigh). Anyway my thoughts are to turn the orgone accumulator (or maybe even remove the I'll keep it) and charge the outer and inner layers up like a capacitor. That's right pump that sucker with high voltage, both in the sending and receiving stage.
Right, this should flood the centre chambre with enough orgone that when information (either sound or em - perhaps an em signal which is a harmonic frequency of the sound?) is introduced there are more units of orgone/aether receiving the signal, hence more gain, so that when the receiver is tuned in to the correct orgone/aether sound frequencies to resonate the chambre and it's centre chambre is charged full of orgone you will be able to get a much stronger signal received.

To do the above it maybe suggested to add aerials and grounding rods to supe up the orgone/aether collecting abilities of the devices.

The rest is up to you.


Update: 8th September 1999

Hello everyone. Yes it has been a rather long time since I last updated the site. The reason? I'm lazy! That and I haven't really had anything new to put up.

First off I would like to know if anyone has "Wild feed" listings for the Satellites in this part of the world (New Zealand, Australia etc...). I think INTELSAT 701 is meant to have a few interesting programs coming through. For those that don't know, a Wild feed is an unadvertised program which is sent via satellite to television companies in certain parts of the world for them to replay later for terrestrial receiving. These programs can be brand new and may not be seen by the rest of us Earth folk for a number of months. They can be sent at any time of the day or night. So if you can help me, drop me an e-mail.

I have also taken an interest in 'ground antennas,' which appear to work as well as, if not better than standard "in the air" antennas. Anyone who has built one of these is asked to e-mail this idiot as nothing seems to be working! It could also have something to do with the fact that I am trying to use it for VHF & UHF TV receiption.

Also, I have a few other pages that I have just added that were typed up by Steve at These are "food lists" that were created by Dr. D'Adamo ( and appeared in his book, "Eat Right 4 Your Type." Apparently each Blood group (O, A, B, AB) each process foods differently, which results to some foods being "good," and others "not so good."
Food list for Blood Group O
Food list for Blood Group A
Food list for Blood Group B
Food list for Blood Group AB

Should be something to munch over.
Cheers! (Sorry for the bad pun).

Update: 22nd May 1999

I've just been supplied with another great URL. Australian Archaeological Anomalies Research. A great site for anyone interested in mysterious archaeological discoveries that have been made in Australia.

If anyone knows of a site with New Zealand "anomalous archaeological discoveries" could they please get in touch.


Update: 10th April 1999

Hello everybody, here are a couple of new links for your viewing:
Extraterrestrial Physics Review, and
Earth Changes Report: Gordon-Michael Scallion's Web site.

Also an explanation to some people who may be wondering why there seem to be some "contradictory" theories on this site. I am a researcher. My thoughts and ideas are always going to be altering or building as time progresses. I leave the older information on here to remind me what I was originally thinking. Until I figure out a new way of organising things (I might add some notes becide the older theories) then I do suggest looking over ALL the areas before making up your mind. :)


Update: 11 March 1999

A big thank you to "WOW! It's Science" for listing me on their Links page. I really have no idea how I got rated two Wow's out of Three. If you have not been to their site then please go to
This makes me ever more aware of the need to "tidy" up a few parts of this site. I have heard of a few spelling mistakes that need fixing and there are the odd one or two ideas that have evolved slightly. I'll try to fix that up in the next few weeks.

Update: 2nd/3rd March 1999

I've added some more thoughts to the Science 2 page. Mostly e-mail messages of mine to the Keelynet discussion list. Don't have anything else overly brilliant to add. I hope to add a few more bits and pieces in the next few months.

Update: 13 December 1998

I've added a new section on biology. The first instalment is about why we eat. Also I've changed some of the music, the ol' green onions is a good song but I can only stand a few pages having it. The second science page has also had a few more thoughts added to it.

Update: 20 October 1998

Added a few news articles to the "news" pages. I will try to dig up some more information on the current situations with the articles on the "Kaimanawa Wall," which never was cleaned up. One thing not mentioned in the articles was that the wall was aligned perfectly to, I think East/West. Oh well, I'm sure someone will correct me. Both sides of the story are covered so "don't get upset."

Update: 19 October 1998

My goodness it's been a long time since I last updated this site. I finally have all the required software and data re-installed on the computer to start adding more information. It won't, however, be today that I start additions...well not this morning anyway. I have mentioned that I would be adding information on Free Energy, Antigravity and the like. Well I do still plan to put them up when I have more information, but what I will be adding in the next month are thoughts on other aspects of the aether, and if free energy or antigravity happen to pop up in the discussion then so be it!

The main guts behind my version of the aether theory is currently here. All that remains is to expand on ways we can apply that knowledge. However, one must walk carefully along this line of research, for not only can you create wonderful possibilities, but you can also wreak terrible havoc.


Update: 16 July 1998.

I have started on page two of the science section which, again, I will "try" to update on weekends. Up and coming on part 2 is "Free Energy"; "AntiGravity"; Interference Patterns etc...

Also added are some news stories from the local media which I found "interesting". I have some others around here somewhere which I will add when they are located.

To finish, here are some comments from a friend of mine. Although I do not agree with all of what he says, I think it is always healthy to read different views to avoid "tunnel vision"...(I will fix your spelling mistakes only with the payment of $250,000, or via polite conversation!):

>"I have heard that there is some question as to how "well" a magnet
>works in space...if at all."

How the hell do the space shuttles fare then? Speakers, microphones, and surely components of their radio/microwave attennae & transmitters all use magnets - the shuttles would be without them.
It just occurred to me mabe, by putting an artificial atmosphere around them, these thing are no longer in vaccuum, so may work....
Does this mean aether cannot traven in a vaccuum?? - we know sound can't.
If so, how does the aether 'get' to earth? Mabe it is like water in our rainfall system, and simply gets carculated and recycled. - would this make other plantes uninhabitable, even if we could form an atmosphere?, or would sufficient aether then be able to 'Grow' from nowhere?!?!?!

>"A lot of ancient structures all seem to be specifically aligned to
>north/south and/or east/west."

I see big 'problems', or at least wastes when the poles do change then - these structures will no longer be alligned. Sad, that we only have a couple more years to study these structures in their "natural habitat" per se.
Are there any ancient structures you have heard of that don't currently allign? If not, then every thing we have studied has been after the last great shift - in other wordsd, this might be the first great shift in history of "aware" civilisations!!

>"pyramids seem to be "aerials" for the aether."

If organic material dehydrates in pyramids, is this the collection or extraction of aether from them? Mabe the pyramid is actually extracting aether from the centre of the pyramid, possibly focussing it elsewhere. On the other hand, mabe an excess of aether can dehydrate organic material - this seems less likely.

>"If you remove the plug out of a bath full of water, the water will
>fall into to hole and a spiral will form and grow in diameter as more and
>more water rushes in."

This is interesting - it also seems to suggest there is a "hole", or absence of aether somewhere - this could be the Kings chamber area, as I postulated above....
It is still strange that aether is attracted to itself, but is drawn towards a "hole" at the centre? - mabe it is pushed towards the "hole" by aether above - kind of like a syphon.
Or mabe everything is inverse - the K.Chamber is dehydrating due to aether saturation....

Gotta go, hope this of interest to you - let me know what you thinK


This site is about "Alternative Science"...or my view of them to be precise.
I may not have a PhD in any of the Sciences, I may not have done any "ground shattering" experiments. But in the game of "Alternative Science", a game that is relatively unknown (at least publicly), I believe that I have just as much right to voice my ideas as the next person, with the possibility that at least some parts of my theories are correct.

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