Superior Quality Solar Filters by 43°S ASTRO

These unique handmade filters consist of the newly patented Baader AstroSolar metallized film, mounted in attractive exotic dark hardwood in New Zealand and multiply-coated with UV-resistant polyurethane. Each filter cell is custom made to fit the Questar barrel, or any other size telescope OTA up to 250 mm, sealed and felt lined. They are shipped in a triple-strength felt-lined cardboard container (bubble-wrap protected) that serves as a long lasting storage box. The solar image is white, with minimum dispersion, black sky background and excellent high-contrast detail of umbra, penumbra, grana and faculae.

Filter shown on Questar 7"

Filter Types Available

Off-axis Schmidt Cassegrain
Fujinon 150 mm Bino
Dust and Dew Protection

Fujinon 150 mm binocular filters

Full aperture filter for fixed-width Fujinon 150 mm binoculars. Comes in handmade hardwood felt lined case. Optional heavy duty ABS dust/moisture cover provides maximu protection against the elements and curious fingers.

Solar images through our filters

Whole sun
Large suspot group
Large sunspot

Endorsements from satisfied customers

"I'm using the filter with my Tak FS60, not the Q, but I want to congratulate you on a fine product.  I finally had a decent chance to test it.  The image is very sharp, appropriately bright, and shows all that I would expect to see in a 60mmm scope.  Your cell construction is great - the wood looks nice and fits my scope very snugly - I don't worry about it falling off.  It is durable and should last forever.  Thanks for a great product.  By all means refer people to me if you need a reference. - D.H., Burlington, Vermont"

"Superb is an understatement......Add me to the list of very pleased customers.Walt"

"I am really enjoying the 1st filter you made for my AP Stowaway. We had guests over yesterday and they were all amazed to see the very clear sun spots for their very 1st time!! Thank you again for your excellent well-made product and for the extremely fair price that you charge! It is a beautiful piece of work! I'll call Astro-Physics again tomorrow and see if they can give me an exact O.D. and I'll eMail that to you as soon as I get it. Thank you for your patience!" - R. L.

"I should mention that I "bought" a mounted custom Q-fittedBaader solar filter from Larry Field in New Zealand.  It is beautiful.  There is no minimum order---I ordered just one for myself.  As I recall it was only $60.  It is mounted in a wood frame that is beautifully stained and lacquered.  A great value and a work of art that goes well with the Q." - R. J. V.

"I have three of Larry Field's/43 S. Astro solar filters and they are exquisite! Real works of art and they outperform the Q full aperture filter for visual use." - J. B.

"I've 2 of them; one for my 4" refractor & one for my 7" mak. The Baader  material itself works like everyone says...much finer detail can be discerned  when compared to a good quality glass filter, like my 1k Oaks. The cell is akin  to a piece of art (can you tell that I love these things?) and absolutely  functional to the max. Both fit so snugly on my otas that I have no fear of any  accidental dislodging of the filter.  I highly recommend them! " - B. B.

Pricing and Ordering Information

Telescope filters
Prices based upon outside diameter of telescope, as follows (in $US plus shipping): 
Outside diameter Price
75-99 mm* (eg: TV Ranger or Pronto) $US50
100-124 mm (eg: Questar 3.5", ETX 90) $US60
125-149 mm (eg: C5, ETX125, Nextstar 5) $US70
150-174 mm (eg: pre-1990 AP 6") $US80
175-199 mm (eg: Meade 6" Dob, new AP 6") $US90
200-224 mm (full aperture or off-axis, eg: Questar 7") $US95
225-250 mm (off-axis filter, eg: 8" SCT) $US100
* 1 inch = 25.4 mm

Fujinon 150 mm binocular filters 

Product Price
Binocular solar filter (visual)
Deluxe handmade hardwood box (red felt lined) for   
above, hinged with clasp
Protective filter cover (when on binos - heavy ABS
vacuum moulded plastic)
Filters are delivered in a felt-lined box

(Note: full aperture visual filters for >200 mm optics may require neutral density filter on eyepiece to make viewing more comfortable).

7 Merlewood Ave,
Christchurch 8002, New Zealand

L. Field: ph/fax +64-3-332-4806 Email